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Introducing Downloadgram - the easiest way to download Instagram stories

- If you are one of the many people who love using Instagram but hate how difficult it is to load and save stories.

- We made DownloadGram.Pro (New Version of DownloadGram.Com) - easiest way to get Instagram stories With just a few clicks you can save any story to your computer or phone My phone just needs the user's @Username or Instagram Story Url.

- Downloadgram is a web based tool that allows you to download and save public Instagram stories without any kind of login or registration Just enter the URL of the story you want to download or the Username of the user and Downloadgram will give you a downloadable file.

How to Download Instagram Story with Downloadgram?

If you want to download and save someone's Instagram story, We will show you how to download Instagram story using Downloadgram:

Step 1:Go to the story you want to save and click on the three dots on the upper left, select Copy Link.

Step 2:Go to DownloadGram's Instagram Story Downloader, then paste the video's link into the box and click Download.

Step 3:Select the video/image from the instagram story that you want to download and click Download.

Step 4:The story will be saved to the download folder on your computer, enjoy and share but only for personal use instead of commercial. Because each person's images and Videos are copyrighted!

Why Downloadgram is the best Instagram story downloader?

  • - Best Free Instagram Story Download - DownloadGram
  • - Fast and free to IG.
  • - Friendly and agile interface.
  • - Download high quality 1080p photos and videos from Instagram Story (Download Story IG)


Downloadgram is a website that allows users to download and save public IG Story. Very simple to use and accessible from any internet-connected device. Stories downloaded with Downloadgram are saved in high definition and can be viewed offline.